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S3 Web Design Northumberland

S3 Web Design is owned by Mike Keeble with clients in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Northumberland.

I have a Degree from Brunel and 25 years experience in the software industry. I have worked on various exciting projects for companies across the UK, including programming and encryption for UK and US Army personal radios and developing a bespoke operating system for intelligent TFT displays. I have won a number of innovation awards. As well as working in UK, I have spent time in Italy and Saudi Arabia. I am fluent in the majority of programming languages from assembly coding to C/C++, PHP, JavaScript, HTML etc.

S3 Web Design's Philosophy

Our research had shown that the most common complaints of people with websites was that:
  • they could never update their websites when they chose, web designers took months to making changes by which time offers were out of date, and
  • their websites took months, sometimes 18 months to be released, and
  • despite looking pretty their websites did not perform well in searches

Our Aim

Our aim in this business was therefore to:
  • Make websites and web design easily accessible to everyone in business not just the large companies - We wanted to take the mystery out of it.
  • We wanted most of all to ensure that, as well as looking good, our websites performed well in searches, not something you will always get when going to a graphic designer as, in some cases, although they can make lovely looking websites they do not truly understand what makes a website work and perform well in searches.
  • We wanted to create websites that were easily updated by the owner without having to go back each time to their web designer.
  • We wanted to introduce efficiency into web design so that when someone ordered a website they knew exactly when it would be released, normally within a couple of weeks or so, and, if needs be, for more complex sites there would be staged releases within weeks. No more waiting 6 months or more.

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