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SEO Reports

On-site SEO and Internet Marketing
Order an SEO Report from S3 Web Design and we can let you know just what needs addressing with regard to both your on-site Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and your off-site SEO including social media marketing, networking and building backlinks.

Use the form below to request your SEO Report making sure you provide details of the website you want analysed together with the main 5 keyphrases that you would like to appear high in searches for.  We will then invoice you and once we have received your payment we will provide you with your SEO Report within 7 days of receipt of your payment.  The report will be provided to you by email.


  • General Overview of Your Website
  • Analysis of Your Website's Meta Tags
  • Home Page Text Analysis and advice with regard to:
  • Body Text
  • H1, h2 and h3 Heading Text
  • Internal Link Texts and URLs
  • External Link Text
  • Image ALT Attributes
  • HTML Comment Tags
  • Website HTML and Coding Quality
  • Home page Keyword Analysis
  • Duplicate Content Report
  • Basic Website Traffic Report
  • Basic Website Link Analysis and Inbound Links Report
  • Internal Link Texts and URL advice
  • Website Ranking Report
  • Social Networking Report
  • Website Accessibility:
  • Usability Report
  • Visual/Colour Assessment
  • Disability Accessibility
NB. The report will focus mainly on the performance of the home page however where necessary reference will be made to inner pages.  Do remember to provide details of at least 5 phrases that you would like your website to come higher for in Google Search Engine Results.


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